Discover what it means to be an entrepreneur.


Learn how to turn an idea into a business.


Collaborate with link-minded peers who support each other.


Attend network events and business fairs with your team.

What is YES?

Young Entrepreneur’s Society

We realized there was a “gap” in the educational system to the business industry for many millennials and generations to come. Many students have budding ideas that would change our economy, but without any guidance, education and business skills to embellish on, after school choices are limited.
This program is the opportunity for your child to step into their own
spotlight and transform into the amazing entrepreneur they want to
become. Kidpreneurs will be able to support and work alongside their
peers, establish a young and vibrant community that adults can also
work with, and become part of our collaborative effort to improve our
There are very few groups out there like this, and are either highly
expensive, not close enough to attend, or not enough consistency.
USBB realized we could offer a much more effective program
(modeled after our regular CEOnly Referral Group and Workshops format with a few adjustments) to fill this need.

YES will primarily be made up of kids (ages 8-20) who want to gain
knowledge in the business world, who want to be or are already small
business owners and independent contractors, to serve the local
business community.
Adult business owners will be amazed and inspired by our youth, as
these members will co-mingle, coexist at appropriate business
functions to establish a “book of business” and work ethics. These
kidpreneurs understand the value of surrounding themselves with a
team of other professionals they can refer their clients to.

Say YES to success!

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