The USBB Code of Ethics, help promote a balance of customer service practices that increase client trust and confidence in business. This Code is embodied by the “Four Principles” founded in the USBB Business Standards, expectations of maintaining trust and establishing membership by USBB.

All members of USBB must meet and abide by the following standards:

  • Confidence
  • Honor
  • Resolution
  • Confidentiality

1. Establish Confidence

Maintain a positive reputation in the business community.

As a Trusted Business of the USBB, you agree to:

A. Be in operation (actively selling items or producing services) for at least one month in the county and/or State you plan to operate in.

B. Maintain all licensing requirements set forth by the County and/or State you are operating in and provide a current business license that allows your business to operate said County and/or State.

C. Do not have any existing or pending government activity that signifies a detriment to the USBB Code of Ethics.

D. During your membership with USBB:

  • meet all applicable standards within this Code of Business Standards
  • cooperate with USBB’s activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation within the business’ industry
  • honor any settlements, agreements or decisions reached as an outcome of a USBB dispute resolution process
  • complete the required listing/profile and pay all monetary obligations to USBB in a timely manner

2. Honor

Present merchandise and/or services with clear and accurate information about products and itemization of services.

As a Trusted Business of the USBB, you agree to:

A. Understand and comply with State Civil Codes that apply to business.

B. Present all factual materials in both written and verbal form, noting that unclear or falsified information may result in omission of declared facts.

C. Make sure that all facts are visibly legible and complete.

D. Be able to provide the nature, location and ownership of the business.

E. Honor Agreements –Stand behind any written or verbal agreement between you and the consumer.

3. Resolution

Respond in a professional manor to quickly resolve disagreements or disputes.

As a Trusted Business of the USBB, you agree to:

A. Respond to all complaints forwarded by USBB within 72 business hours by:

    1. Providing resolution to the complaint directly with the consumer and notifying USBB, or

    2. Responding to USBB with a response that USBB will determine if the resolution is appropriate and fair.

    3. Comply with any decisions reached as an outcome of a USBB dispute resolution.

    4. Pay for USBB’s mediation at $40 per hour (Applies only when mediation conference takes place. Mediation is not mandatory, but simply offered as an alternative).

    5. Work with USBB to deter any ongoing or similar consumer complaints recognized          by USBB.

B. Upon request, furnish USBB with the following information to evaluate compliance with USBB Business Standards.

  • Business contact info (phone, email, fax, address)
  • Contract or service agreements (refund policy, warranties or guarantees need to be included)
  • Receipt (itemized list of items sold, tax rendered and other charges involved)
  • Billing instructions (current invoice with terms and services provided)

In addition to the above mentioned, any e-commerce media and internet driven businesses providing services and collecting money through a Website:

  • Shipping information (provide terms of shipping, including any expected delays or shortages of stock)
  • Acknowledged return policy (proof that the consumer agreed to shipping terms)

4. Confidentiality Act & Disclosures

Provide clarified disclosures and terms that can be understood by the consumer.

Protect all personal information obtain from the consumer and refrain from improper representation.   

As a Trusted Business of the USBB, you agree to:

A. Privacy Protection – A business utilizing websites as a portion of their service to obtain personal information, i.e. – Social Security numbers, financial data (salary, bank account & credit card info), personal email passwords and medical history, agrees to disclose the following:

  • which data is collected,
  • who it is shared with,
  • what security measures are taken to ensure privacy,

B. Contact Preference – Trusted Sources of Businesses agree to respect the consumer’s request regarding how they wish to be contacted, via e-mail, telephone, fax or regular mail.

C. Disclose warranties, policies and procedures that would influence a consumer’s decision to buy or accept service.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

All members understand that United States Business Bureau is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all businesses and individuals and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions.