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CEOnly Network Group (CNG) is a category exclusive referral mastermind group produced by USBB. Benefits: 1. Only C-Level Positions may attend (Due to liability reasons, we cannot accept Network Marketing businesses.). 2. Network with Like-Minded Business owners looking to build professional relationships. 3. Members participate and learn how to grow their business. 4. Mandatory meetings (Group meets twice a month for one-hour each time). 5. Gain an elite group of USBB members that are committed to supporting your business. 6. Ongoing "Business Education" to help boost your business into a greater success! 7. Each group caps at 12 members to assure support strength and accountability. AND MORE!
If you are not 100% satisfied with your ROI through CEOnly Referral Group, you may request a refund only after the third (3rd) month mark into your membership, thus entitling you to no more than 8 months of your unused membership. A prorated amount will be refunded to you within 30 days from your request. If you decide to continue your membership after the third (3rd) month, you acknowledge that you surrender any refund past that point. Should you be dismissed from the group at anytime due to breach of CRG policy or terminate your membership after the fourth (4th) month mark, a refund will not be awarded and your CRG membership will cease.