The Boardroom Virtual Referral Group

A Virtual Referral Group that will grow your business across the United States.
This is the Follow-Up meeting that shows who’s interested in claiming their category for this Business Pod.
This is a category exclusive referral group that conveniently brings the meeting to your phone or computer.
*If you are a member of another category exclusive group, it’s ok to be a part of ours at the same time.
Members/Guests will have the opportunity to video chat and create referral alliances with each week. Members of this group will have the understanding that it’s all about building relationships and learning how so support one another’s business.
*Membership Includes:
-Category Exclusivity
-Sophisticated Online Profile that advertises your business
-Weekly opportunities to make new connections
-A structured meeting that finishes on time
-Social media promotion of members
-Opportunity to present your one-minute commercial
-Ongoing networking skill building
-Leadership building
These groups are powered through US Business Bureau’s website.

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