Let's Enhance Your Business
With Our Reputation Marketing Solutions.

Why we do it!

With the understanding that people will listen to you, and like you, but only when they TRUST you, they will do business with you, USBB brings trusted and ethical values to your business community.  We have always been leaders in the business world, which is why we feel that it is necessary to create more trust in the business community. Therefore, we continuously promote our organization to the public, so our members can gain new perspective that will benefit their business. We watch over our members to protect their reputation, inspire new ideas, and keep them focused on achieving goals. People invest in their own success, we just want to be part of it!

The Boardroom Virtual Referral Group

This is a category exclusive referral group that conveniently brings the meeting to your phone or computer.

Members/Guests will have the opportunity to video chat and create referral alliances with each week. Members of this group will have the understanding that it’s all about building relationships and learning how so support one another’s business.

*Membership Includes:

  • -Category Exclusivity
  • -Sophisticated Online Profile that advertises your business
  • -Weekly opportunities to make new connections
  • -A structured meeting that finishes on time
  • -Social media promotion of members
  • -Opportunity to present your one-minute commercial
  • -Ongoing networking skill building
  • -Leadership building

*If you are a member of another category exclusive group, it’s ok to be a part of ours at the same time.

CEOnly Mastermind Group

Imagine being part of a group of people who are all committed to consciously improving their lives and manifesting their success. These individuals each bring unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group. Most importantly, each one is committed to actively working towards their own goals and supporting the other members in achieving theirs. A true win/win opportunity.

The structure provided by this program is solid and easy to maintain. It has been designed based on years of experience working with groups. You will receive ongoing support from rusted Mastermind Group. This program is geared towards helping you integrate and apply all of the tools, insights, and learning you have achieved to your business.

About this Mastermind:

  • Meets twice month on Wednesdays for 90 minutes each time. (Sometimes, we finish early.)
  • Members collaborate with each other.
  • Member’s Hot Seat Sessions
  • You must be in attendance to learn, not to sell.
  • We provide business education to level-up your business.
  • Members produce presentations that demonstrate how their skills can benefit other’s success.

First Guest visit is only $10. We ask that any guest attending for the first time to determine if the Mastermind is a right fit for them. Upon a second visit, a guest must have submitted their application for membership.

Reputation Advocacy

This is our Reputation Advocacy Service. Your reputation is on the line 24 hours, Seven days a week! Reputation comes from the level of client/customer service provided, which then determines the level of repeat business. USBB monitors a member, to help maintain a positive reputation about your business on the internet. Should there be any comments that may diminish your business reputation, we offer assistance in the matter to result in an amicable solution that keeps concerned consumers – valued and ongoing clients.

The Entrepreneurs Club

Our organization believes that continued education helps create new ideas and results. These workshops will educate members on how to leverage their business towards success. The common goal of these workshops is to enhance your marketing and how to use a referral, in an effort to increase ongoing clientele. It demonstrates that we are raising the bar in our work industry by maintaining an ethical business. This means that we take pride in our decisions and are aware how they can affect others. We offer a variety of business workshops to help educate members on how to sharpen their outlook on the business community.