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Why I Started this company.
AJ Kahn, CEO

The First bite is your First impression.

As I sat in the middle of a “Mom & Pop” breakfast joint, our food was brought to our table, and just as soon as the waitress left, I noticed a hair laying across my eggs…”Ewww!” So now I had to wait to catch the attention of the waitress to flag her over and make mention of what had halted my morning breakfast. Once she came over, I pointed out my reason for not taking my first bite, and she proceeded with a blank expression to take my plate away and back to the kitchen. As she walked away with my tainted plate, I excused myself to the restroom, only to notice that while passing by the kitchen, my plate was in the waitress’ hands and literally watched her pick the hair out of the eggs and place the meal back under the heat lamp.

When she returned with my plate, I looked down at the meal in disgust, because I knew the eggs hadn’t been changed out. Then I looked at her and asked for the manager. As she scoffed off; as if I was now the problem at the table, she went over to her manager, made a gesture and pointed in my direction, then had the manager walk over to my table. When I explained to the manager what had just happened, I was expecting a concerned and corrective action, but instead, the manager proceeded to explain to me that this was a new plate of food, and I would be charged twice if I sent this meal back.

After the shock had run through my system, I made a comment that I will just file a complaint with a “Well known review/complaint site”, and what the manager said, forever changed the way I viewed that company.
“Go ahead! It’s not like they’re gonna do anything about it!”
Oh my God! What just happened? Did I just hear that a business wasn’t concerned about my complaint and how it could ruin their credibility and reputation?
I stood up, threw cash down to cover my meal, and abruptly left!

My first intention, when I got home, was to write that complaint on the highly authoritative site. I went onto the site, typed in the restaurants name and that I wasn’t the first customer to file a complaint against them. As I read through these complaints that were at least 3 months old, I saw that the restaurant had an “A” rating, but offered no reconciliation or customer intervention, to show support for their member. My research now became a mission to seek out how could these complaints been handled by the professional entity, in an effort to neutralize the complaint. Through weeks of research and careful understanding of how this “Non-Profit” organization functioned, I knew it was time to bring in the rings a competitor. And so was the birth of the United States Business Bureau (USBB) brought into this world.
I was going to make sure that a member of USBB would receive so much more service and support for half the cost of what that non-profit organization charged.

Why is online reputation important?

It’s a fact that over 90% of the general public, make their decisions where to take their business, based off online reviews. When your business is affiliated with an online reputation management company, the perks are having greater revenue, stronger community relationships, and increased opportunities.  Consumers decide to do business with a company based off it’s reputation and reviews. Going forward into 2021, your business won’t survive without being part of an organization that promotes trusted & ethical businesses.

How we can improve your online reputation.

Online reputation management is a marketing strategy that strongly persuades how the public views your business. Many businesses engage in online communities and rely on search results through social media.

When you become a member of USBB, you acquire a marketing strategy that can be a game changer for your business reputation. Associating with other trusted and ethical businesses, will help the public see your business having a solid and credible reputation.